My Fashion – Swimming Attire!

My Fashion – Swimming Attire!

This week I have my sassy purple bikini - perfect for the beach! I can relax, sunbathe, boat, swim, and even dog some good holes in the sand. Could it be any better?! My human found this in the Walmart toddler section, for guess what?! Only $5! I love fashion and a...

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Hello and welcome to Minna and the Canine Club’s blog! We are so glad you are here. 

We believe that every child is a hero, and it is our hope is that our blog posts about our favorite dog characters (Minna, Blue, Maggie, and Clancy) will inspire kids and adults alike to be the best they can be. We love our dogs and we love books, so please join us in this adventure as we share some teaching tips and ideas, Minna’s recommended library books, Maggie’s Monday Message, Courage from Blue, and of course, Clancy’s favorite recipes for kids. 

As Minna and the Canine Club would say, “Tails up, it’s time for an adventure!” 

-Whimsical Writers

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