Minna is the feisty founder of the Canine Club. Inspired by her teacher human, Minna decides to start her own school for the canines in her neighborhood. She loves learning and adventures. Most of all Minna loves kids and invites you to climb under the garage door and join the adventure.

In short, Blue is a good sport.  As the strongest of the group he takes care of the others.  This may mean a word of encouragement or a simple boost in life.  Blue knows who he is and is comfortable in his own fur.  While greatly admired by manyhe remains humble and kind. As Minna says, “Blue has your back”.
Maggie is a free spirit. She is energetic, happy, and playful. Smiles are given freely and frequently to her canine friends. She loves the adventures she has with her gal pal Minna and the Canine Club. Maggie is easy to get along with and is always good for a laugh.
“Did I hear it was snack time?” That’s Clancy. He is a handsome beagle who loves his food almost as much as his canine friends. He is best described as faithful and devoted as well as a bit fearful. He is easily distracted but he is a trusting soul.

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-Boca Beacon

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She’s a fashionista. She’s a detective.  She’s a canine. She’s Marvelous Minna, and now she’s a teacher.  Minna has good intentions when it comes to teaching her canine pals reading, but they end up learning a much different lesson.  Life just throws something unexpected in their path and it is life changing for a newfound friend.  You might even say that the Canine Club saved a life.


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