This week for our Teaching Tip Tuesday, we are discussing the importance of modeling good reading to your child. As parents and teachers we are always telling kids that they should read, but if they don’t see US doing it, why would they be inspired to do so?

One way all of us here at Minna and the Canine Club like to model reading to students is by engaging in our own book club. Book clubs are fun ways to read books! We love picking out different genres each time, and take turns on who picks the next read. And, obviously, we bring food! There is nothing better than discussing a book while eating.

When kids see us enjoying a book, excited to share with our book club, and taking the time to prepae for a book club meeting, it shows them how fun, and important, reading is. The kids don’t have to be a part of the book club (although, how fun would it be to have a book club with your kids?!), but just having them see you enjoying a book of your choice is so important.

Our latest book club read was a memoir, entitled “My Family and Other Animals.” This was a sweet read for the summer months.

What are you reading?!

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