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We love to learn, laugh together, share an adventure, operate with honor, and treat people with compassion and kindness.

Rachel McCoy

I’m Rachel!  I’ve always had a love and fascination with the natural world—most of my inspiration comes from it.  It might sound cliché, but I’ve been drawing since I could hold a pencil (or a marker or crayon as the case may be). I started spilling my imagination onto paper, and it didn’t take long for my love of animals to start overflowing the page… It was a love that carried into my reading and studying—I entertained the idea of being a vet and started studying biology and anatomy that soon showed in my artwork and my understanding of what I was drawing… but I decided I liked telling stories on a page better than anything else! I loved seeing other people’s eyes light up as they saw illustrations bring the words to life like never before. I’ve had a dog or cat by my side for as long as I’ve lived and I could never imagine my life without my furbabies! They provide me ample inspiration whenever I need something to jot onto the page.

Our Vision

To inspire children to have a love for learning, establish their personal values and have the courage to live by those values day after day.

Inspired By

The story of the Canine Club is inspired by some of our own favorite dogs. Read to find out about the REAL Canine Club.


The character of Minna (that’s with a long i) is inspired by my actual rescue dog, Minna. When I first saw Minna, it was love at first sight. I was looking to adopt a dog and I saw a picture of this spunky little Pomeranian mix puppy called Madam KiJi. One look at her expressive eyes, big floppy ears and curly tail and I was sold. It was a relationship that was meant to be because I was one out of fifty people wanting to rescue her, and miraculously, I was chosen. Before I took all two pounds of her home, her foster mother held her up and said, “You are going to have a great life.” No words could have been truer. I renamed her Minna after my favorite book character Minna from The Rag Coat. Minna and I have shared in many adventures from road trips up to the cottage, snowshoeing in the backyard, and long walks in our favorite park.

Minna really does love spying on the neighbors while sitting in her favorite green chair, and she always has her nose in my high heels. You could definitely say that Minna is a true pepperoni loving fashionista at heart. Minna loves rich cheese, deep tissue massages, boat rides, and taking her human for long walks on the beach.

She has proven to be my loyal companion and constant reminder to live life to the fullest and laugh whenever possible. I did not just save Minna, Minna saved me.


Maggie, the lovable boxer from next door, is based off of Minna’s actual pup neighbor from across the fence, Sammy. Sammy and Minna met after his owners moved in and Sammy and Minna found a small hole under the fence between their yards. The two of them dug the hole deeper, and upon their owners’ surprise, they both began crawling under the fence to hangout with one another next door. Sammy and Minna really do meet noses under the fence, and I can only imagine the stories they tell one another.

Much like Maggie, Sammy is playful and kind, and has been a devoted friend toMinna.



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