As we continue to celebrate friendship during the month of February, I have chosen to write a definition poem to describe my dear friend.  A friend is someone you have chosen to be part of your life.  I dedicate this poem to Carrie Murphy who has been my friend for 30 years.  

What is a Friend?

            A person you can talk to for hours and never run out of things to say

            Someone who understands your silence

            Someone you can always depend on

            Someone who listens and cares about what you have to say

            Someone who is happy for your success

            Someone who does not compete with you but shares in your interests

            Someone who loves the Farmer’s Market as much as you do

            Someone you enjoy spending time with

            Someone who gets your humor

            Someone who will spend hours gathering seashells with you

            Someone who always asks about your family

            Someone who shares your hopes, dreams, and faith

            Someone who makes you a better person

            Someone who enriches your life simply because you know them

            A treasured gift from God

That’s My Friend!  Carrie Murphy    

IF you would like to share a story, picture, illustration, poem, or any other artifact about what friendship means to you, check out our February contest by clicking here!

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