We are excited to publish the two January writing contest winners on our website! It was fun to read everyone’s entries. These two pieces of writing stuck out for many reasons, but we loved how both writers are sisters! Minna and the Canine Club is built from two sets of sisters, so we love this! Congratulations to Mira (third grade) and Ellie (first grade) from Adrian, Michigan!

Here is Mira’s story, entitled, Fergie the Fashionista: Together we can!

Hi I’m Fudge: a very fashionable pug who is working on becoming a fashionista. My plan is to design some dresses, post pictures of me wearing them on Facebook, and ask dogs to buy them.  Simple, right?  
Simple? Ugh! This is not simple.  I had been trying to make a dress for hours and I was almost finished but the thread just got all  tangled so I decided to just take a rest outside.  As I walked outside, I felt a cool breeze of fresh air blow across my face.  I was free! And now I could take a nice long rest outside in our yard wherever I wanted.
“Fudge! Fudge!” I opened my eyes part way to see identify the excited voice.  It was my friends Fergie, French Fries, Otis and Gus calling my name. “Fudge,” said Otis, “You seem tired out.  Is there anything you need help with?” I jumped to my feet surprised that my friends were willing to help so I invited them inside.  After I explained what was happening, we got to work.  Good thing French Fries was a sewing expert!  After about an hour the mail dog came. (Mail dogs only come when your people are not home.  They can tell if your people are home or not if your garage house light is on or off.)  He gave me a letter so I opened it and read it quietly to myself.  When I was done reading, my eyes filled with tears—happy tears.  It was from a friend of mine: a puppy named Victory.  She was a puppy who is paralyzed and it said that she didn’t have enough money to stay in the hospital to get the care she needs.  ”We are going to help her!” I said in a confident voice.  Otis looked up “What are you talking about?”  He came over to me then read the note.  ”Oh” he said. “How are we going to help her?”  he asked.  
“We are going to make a bunch of fashionable clothes and open a store so we can make money and send all the money to Victory.”  I explained.  The others gathered around me and read the letter “I know it seems hard but I believe that if we all work together we can do it!” I said.  So we all got to work and before I knew it it was 4:30 in the afternoon and of course by this time I found out I was obsessed with dresses. The room was filled with dresses. Suddenly something popped into my head: “Where are we going to set all the dresses up?  How will the pups know that there are dresses that they can buy tailor made just for pups?”  
Just then, I got a call.  It was my grandma.  She worked at a salon. ”Hi honey how are you doing?” she asked.   “I’m good grandma,” I said. ”Why are you calling me?“  ”Oh,” Grandma answered, ”I just wanted to let you know that the salon is closed right now and I wanted to hang out.  Are you free?”  Just then another idea popped into my head. ”Grandma, can I use your salon?”  
Grandma answered, ”Sure why do you need it?”  I explained our project to her and off we went to Grandma’s salon.  Time passed quickly and everyone was helping set up all the dresses in the windows of Grandma’s salon, which was no longer look like a salon—it looked like a dress house!  
French Fries, my best friend, walked over to me. ”What are you thinking?” she said.  “Well, “I started, ”I was thinking I could post pictures of us wearing the clothes on Facebook so the pups would know about our new dress house in town!”  “That is a great idea Fudgey!” said French Fries. ”Well I’d better get home so I can eat supper.” “Me too,” chimed in Gus. 
“Okay,” I took a deep breath, “I will see if we can open the shop by tomorrow!”  
The next morning I woke up bright and early ready to open up the dress house.  When I got to the dress house, I was amazed to find Gus already tidying up the dress house.  I knew this would be a awesome shop!  I knew that together we could raise enough money for our friend Victory!  The clock turned to 10:30am, and it was time to open up the shop! Puppies and dogs gathered around the shop ready to go inside the shop and try on some outfits.  A huge rush of excitement fell over me as I reached for the doors. I grabbed onto the handles and opened the doors. Dogs came barging into the shop eager to try the dresses on.  It was a dream come true: the moment I’d been waiting for!  Gus hurried to the cash register ready to take some money. By 4 o’clock we had a big load of money! It was incredible!  But it was only half of the money we needed and we only had four hours until the shop closed. I kept saying over and over again in my head, “We can do this! And I knew we could, as long as we worked together.” And we did work together, everyone kept a smile on their face and Gus took the money, and Fergie kept the dressing rooms in order, while French Fries visited with the shopping pups.  One hour before closing, we still needed $100.  Now I wasn’t sure if we would actually raise enough money for Victory and her family.  By 7:55 , with only had five more minutes until the shop had to close and $50 away from our goal, there was only one more customer left in the shop.  She came to the front desk because she had finished her shopping!  Our friends gathered around Gus, who was the pup by the cash register, to see how much money she had to pay.  “I bought these three dresses for my grandchildren” said the woman.   I really love your dresses” she said. 
 “Thank you” I responded. “You really have an amazing talent” she went on.  “Well, thanks again” I said.  We began to count the money.  Gus’s head started to droop:”We’re $30 short.”  I couldn’t believe it! ”I really thought we could help Victory. It’s over. This is it.” I said sadly.  The elderly woman spoke up, “Well, I’m not done,” she held her hand out with a $30 bill!  We all jumped in excitement! ”Consider it a little tip for your hard work and your friend you are helping” said the Grandmother smiling. 
“Together we can” really turned out to be the best motto ever!

Here is Ellie’s writing entitled, Fergie’s Baking Party:

There was a dog named Fergie. She had a kind owner named Skyler.  Skyler went to work then Fergie had a plan to bake cookies while Skyler was gone.  She invited her Friends to come.  Because they did not know how to bake cookies, they invited their friend the chef to come help them bake.  They had so much fun together and they baked 20 different type of cookies.  The house smelled wonderful.  They baked and baked and baked they baked all day long.  They had so much fun!

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