Last Thursday I wrote about a thoughtful and peaceful Walk Through the Woods.  Well, today I’m sticking to my theme, hence Thematic Thursday.  Today I’d like to talk about using your walk through the woods as a Interactive Walk with your children. Create experiences that provide opportunities for you to talk with your children and form a deeper relationship with them.  Teach them to appreciate God’s creation and all it’s beauty.  Your walk can be entertaining and educational as well. Let’s call it an “Earthy Educational Entertaining Experience”.  Let me explain.

I’ll start with the term earthy.  Your walk is through the woods and the word earthy means; relating to or consisting of the earth or soil.  Your walking on the soil where many living things thrive and grow.  It is a part of nature that is important to life on earth.  It is important to observe nature in its natural habitat and not just read about it in a science book. 

 Children acquire knowledge and skills through experiences so your interactive walk can be educational.  The three basic types of learning styles are visual, auditory, and kinesthetic.  A walk in the woods is an experience that uses all of our senses and to learn, we use our senses to process the information around us.  To enhance your learning experience I suggest the following activities:  Discovery Walk,  Scavenger Hunt,  Senses Walk.  I have included a description of these activities along with recording sheets on our website  Just click on Kid’s Corner and then click on the  Activities bone. 

Lastly, an interactive walk through the woods can be an entertaining experience.  What can be more fun for your children than spending time with you!  After all, simple pleasures are the best.  Remember, learning is the process of acquiring information and you can acquire a few smiles while your at it!

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