This time of year kids all over are a bit…squirrely. Everyone is excited for Christmas and not really thinking about school. BUT, “When I was Young in the Mountains” is one of our favorite books to read to kids at this time of year. It is a beautiful story that kids can then connect to their own lives.
We love having the kids write a narrative story, mimicking “When I was Young in the Mountains” but instead writing, “When I Was Young at Christmas.” Having kids connect reading and writing is so important, but also having them write about something meaningful to them encourages them to be become better readers and writers. This book also teaches a wonderful writing strategy of using repetition.
Here are a few tips for making this project meaningful and fun for kids:
-Show kids pictures and/or videos of yourself as a kid to inspire them
-Let kids share with friends some of their favorite Christmas memories before they begin writing
-After they draft their stories, give them time to design illustrations that go with each memory
-Make the books they write a Christmas gift for loved ones
Have fun with this time of year!

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