It’s me, Minna. I heard my human talking about the “Sunday Scaries” today, and let me tell you, she has them. She looked REALLY scared when she got home from the grocery store tonight. She will probably blame the whole thing on me and tell you that my attitude has been a little ruff lately. You wouldn’t be too happy either if you caught dog’s best friend making a phone call to your veteranarian to make an appointment to get your teeth cleaned! She told me it had to happen sooner or later and that if I’m going to be able to keep posing for pictures my teeth needed to be pearly white. I decided that I do like pearls, so this thing couldn’t be all that bad.

Then, it happened. The Sunday Scaries hit ME. My human put her shoes and coat on to go get groceries. She meant to throw me a treat before she left, but instead my pupperoni sat on the counter for me to just stare at! “How could she?!” I thought to myself. I tried and tried and tried to jump and get it. I couldn’t reach it. The zoomies got ahold of me and I ran around the house in agony (that’s a fancy word for pain) searching for something I could get my teeth on.

I ran to the office. The basket where my human gets stuff before she gives people gifts sat right in front of me. “If this is where she looks before giving out gifts then surely there is something in here for me.” I dove in. I took everything out. Searching. Ripping apart. Smelling my way through. Sometimes I would feel something deep inside a bag that felt like a bone, so I started to eat it. CARDBOARD. I spit it out and kept going. I went through almost everything in the basket and nothing. I don’t know why anyone would want a gift from her if there aren’t any bones in there.

I was just about through everything in the basket when out of nowhere my distant relative’s faces popped out staring at me! “ARRRROOOOF!” I screamed out. You would be scared too if you saw your cat cousin twice removed looking at you with big glasses on their face. I didn’t want to tear through my own kind, so I let that bag go.

Before I could say Dazzling Diamonds, I heard my human and best friend come through the door. I ran to greet her and she gave me all sorts of hugs and I gave her lots of kisses. She asked what I did while I was gone so I trotted into the office to show her. I thought she would be proud of my perseverance in trying to find a treat. If you’ve never heard a human scream, let me tell you, you don’t want to hear it. I nearly jumped out of my fur. I barked at her telling her that I was just searching for a treat.¬†She didn’t seem to really understand, so I thought that if I maybe sat and looked cute she wouldn’t be so upset.

Tonight is when I learned all about the Sunday Scaries. I hear there is something called Manic Monday, but I’m not going to worry about that one yet until tomorrow.


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