by, Thad Abel

Isn’t great when the final outcome exceeds your hopes and dreams? This is a story of when Jessie Abel experienced that kind of a moment.  This is also a story of how one of the Canine Club members, Sully, was rescued and taken to a loving home.

After searching online for many hours, Jessie finally decided that “Scrappy”, a little dog with a mix of Chihuahua, was the dog she wanted!  So, Jessie made arrangements with the Battle Creek Humane Society to pick up Scrappy.  Upon arrival, Jessie, had to go through some paperwork and get background information about her new dog.  Finally, the time came that she was waiting for:  meeting her friend for the first time!  Scrappy was barking excitedly and moving quickly back and forth in his cage.  Jessie thought Scrappy was appropriately named because he sure was scrappy! 

It is very important when selecting a pet that you make sure that you and your new companion are a good fit.  Erica, Jessie’s sister, live next to each other and she has a dog named Minna, the first member of the Canine Club.  The dogs would be seeing each other a lot so for that reason, Erica brought Minna to see how Scrappy and her would get along.  A volunteer for the kennel put a leash on Scrappy while Erica took Minna and they went into a walking area. Immediately, Scrappy barked at Minna and continued to do so as they walked. For whatever reason Scrappy just didn’t “warm up” to Minna.  The volunteer said, “Unfortunately, this isn’t a good sign.”  Jessie was disappointed because she was looking forward to bringing Scrappy home.  At about that time, another volunteer said that Scrappy has a brother, however, she said the he had been neglected by the previous owner and she didn’t think that he would be ready to be released.  When Scrappy’s brother came out he was so calm and mild mannered!  At the surprise of the volunteer, he responded well to Jessie. He and Minna got along great and if there is such a thing as “love at first sight” this was it!

On the way home, Jessie sat in the back seat while cuddling her puppy.  Jessie said, “I have decided to name him Sully!”.  She got the name Sully from a character on the TV show, “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Women”.  Sully was brave, strong and athletic and as time would tell, would very aptly describe the dog, Sully!   It has been three years since that day when Sully brought warmth and sunshine to a cloudy and cold day for Jessie!  He continues to be a wonderful, friendly, adventuresome dog who is healthy and happy!  Sometimes, God gives you more than you ever imagined! 

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