This was written on our East Coast trip. More fun stories to come about this trip!

We are currently driving through beautiful upstate New York. By the time I am ready to post this I will probably be in Bar Harbor, Maine, hopefully enjoying a giant lobster and Cape Cod Chips. The sun is starting to creep through the clouds and I can’t help but think about the song “This Land is Your Land” as we drive through the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains. This is the first out of state book tour and I am filled with a newfound love of smalltown America and the small businesses that day after day keep the country running. 

The vast highways that connect us all throughout the country seem long and unknown, but when we stop and listen and talk and look around, we really are all the same. Yesterday I was in Buffalo at Dog Ear Bookstore and Cafe. As I spoke to the owner about Minna and the Canine Club, he gladly took several copies to sell in his store. Another man working there began to tell me all about the adventures his wife and children have been on in Maine and how much I will like it. We talked about Michigan winters and Lake Erie and Buffalo. And even though we are separated by Canada, we all shared the love of books and the land that makes America so beautiful. 

The heart of small town America are the bookshop owners that take a risk on selling your book in their store. They are the people who run the small inns and hotels in town and give you extra fresh baked cookies to take on your journey. They are the farmers out plowing their field against the forestry hills of New York. The heart of small town America is even people like us; traveling with our precious story of rescue dogs slowly stitching our way through these small towns and big cities one at a time. 

We want to thank all of the small businesses and bookstores that have fallen in love with our characters and have taken a chance on our beloved Minna and the Canine Club. We are growing quickly, but wanted to share the stores where you can officially purchase a copy of our book. There are many more that will be added shortly, but here is the current list:

Michigan Stores:

Bookman: Grand Haven

Epilogue Books: Rockford

Reader’s World: Holland

Black River Books: South Haven

Horizon Books: Cadillac

Horizon Books: Traverse City

The Bookstore: Frankfort

Leelanua Books: Leland

Owl Bookshop: Manistee

Bookmark: Ludington

The Windowsill: Ludington

Kazoo Books: Kalamazoo

Bookbug: Kalamazoo

Michigan News Agency: Kalamazoo

Flying Bear Books: Newaygo

Storybook Village: Pentwater

Teeny Tiny Toy Store: Saugatuck

New York:

Dog Ears Bookstore: Buffalo


Andover Bookstore: Andover

Silver UnicornL Acton

New Hampshire:

River Run Bookstore: Porstmouth


Kappy’s: Boca Grande

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