My mom’s book & the second book in our Minna and the Canine Club series is officially out today! I am so proud of my mom’s work! She is the person who first introduced me to storytelling when I was little by coming up with these two sisters who lived in the country & did fun things I wish I was able to do. She is the reason I love history (someday she and I will start a super nerdy history podcast & it will be the best) because of the book she read to Jessie and I, “Winter of the Red Snow.” And my mom was the person who taught me that reading can be fun by telling me one snowy night in third grade to make myself hot chocolate, get a blanket, turn off Nickelodeon & start to actually read a book of my choice (she was reader’s workshop before reader’s workshop was cool). Thanks to her & Little House on the Prairie I did learn the love of reading. 

Beyond that, she (and my dad!) showed us the joy of writing and coming up with your own story. Jessie and I would spend HOURS in the basement setting up Barbie houses and coming up with elaborate storylines. We eventually took our imaginations to paper, and now we have this beautiful series. My mom always encouraged me to write, which meant that even when I should have been doing math in class I was writing (oops), and now, it is her moment to shine! She is one of the best writers and creative thinkers I know, and I just know everyone will fall in love with this book!

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