I am so excited for you to meet one of my oldest and dearest friend’s Milly (or Molly as the rest of the world calls her) and her sweet dog, Lexi! Read more about this precious rescue story!

Rescue Dog Name: Lexi (Lexi-girl, Chewy, Charlie, Lexicon, Lex)

Rescue Dog Breed: Retriever Mix

Rescue Organization: Upper Peninsula Animal Welfare Shelter (UPAWS)

Why did you choose to adopt a rescue as opposed to buying through a store or going through a breeder? I had previously volunteered at UPAWS when I first moved to the U.P. to fulfill my dog and animal fix since at the time I couldn’t have pets due to my living situation. During this time, I had gotten to know the UPAWS volunteers and staff. I saw first-hand how these rescue animals craved their forever home and since my lifestyle at the time I found Lex was not conducive to raising a puppy, I wanted to support this wonderful shelter that loves and cares for the animals in their care.

How did you find your rescue dog? One of the UPAWS staff members posted on their social media page about Lexi and when I commented (as I do often on their posts), she mentioned she would be PERFECT for me, knowing my busy schedule and love for dogs.

What drew you to your rescue dog? Why did you choose her? Lexi was a shy girl and it was clear that she missed her previous owner. I had taken her for a little walk to spend some quality time with her and I knew, by the tug on my heart and how normal this walk felt that she was meant to play an important role in my life. At one point during our initial visit, she nudged at me and laid her head on my lap, looking up at me with her beautiful brown eyes. The staff said she had a difficult time trusting anyone and the fact that she was so quick to warm up to me told me that this old girl (she was ten years old when she was dropped off to the shelter) chose me to spend her remaining years with.

Tell us some fun details about your dog. What makes her special?

She is a lover of the SNOW. She goes full force on our hikes in the woods and you would never know that she is now close to 13 years old. She plays and runs hard. To watch her in the snow and play is very entertaining.

She LOVES babies and kids of all ages. She has been wonderful with my nieces as they pull and tug on her, putting little bows in her hair and she just takes it.

Lexi came into my life at a time when my health wasn’t ideal and she was the beginning of my healing. She literally brought me back to a point of health and I get emotional when I think about that journey.

What is the background story of your dog? Why did she need to be rescued? Lexi’s previous owner was an older woman who trained her well and loved her deeply. Their relationship was very special. This woman got sick and passed away, leaving Lexi to her son and his family. Their family couldn’t care for Lexi due to their growing family. Lex prefers women (it takes her a minute to warm up to guys, especially guys with baseball caps) and follows me EVERYWHERE. As she has gotten older and more comfortable with our family, she barks and tells us stories whereas in the first few months of being with us, she hardly barked at all. There are probably details that I don’t know about her past—but I do know that her first momma loved her so much and I feel very lucky to share in that love as Lex’s second momma.

What was the process like transitioning your dog into your home? Lex is my first dog as the primary caregiver and she is so easy to love and care for. She did go through a phase where she would get into the trash, but she has gone through a couple of life changes with me in the short few years I’ve had the privilege of caring and loving Lexi. We have found a man to love both of us and will be married this summer, where she will play an important part of our special day! She adores her dad who spoils her rotten and has adjusted well in the couple of years since this initial transition.

If you could give one tip to other dog lovers who are looking to rescue, what would it be?

You are exactly what these dogs need. They just want someone to love them, play with them, cuddle them, give them treats, take them for walks. They will love you on your bad days, your good days and you won’t be able to remember what life was like before your rescued dog. I didn’t think about my decision (which if you know me, I am VERY INDECISIVE and don’t make impulse decisions)—and my life is exponentially for the better.

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