Happy summer, everyone! It’s Minna here. Here in Michigan, summer is my favorite time of the year. It’s finally sunny outside and I get to strut my stuff by the beach. Since summer is such a special time, I thought I would share my official 2020 summer bucket List.

2020 Summer Bucket List

  • Spend time at the humans’ cottage. I especially love sneaking some bacon from under the table when my great grandpa makes Saturday breakfasts.

  • Take my human on lots of hikes!
  • Go kayaking. I especially love when the water gets extra wavy!
  • Visit 3 new Michigan lighthouses this summer. Michigan has the most lighthouses in the entire country, so I want to see a few more this summer!
  • Play with my best pals. 
  • Watch the sunset, with a good treat, of course.
  • Have a movie night (nothing too scary!).

  • Layout in the sun by my grandparent’s pool! Sometimes my grandpa will even make me some popcorn.

  • Get fancy, because after all, I am a fashionista.
  • Take lots of boat rides! 

What is on your summer bucket list?

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