Snow Day! It’s me, Minna and today was my very first snow day as a teacher. All last night I couldn’t sleep wondering if the snow storm would be bad enough to cancel the Canine Club school today. I kept imagining all of the bones I could eat, playing in the snow for hours, falling asleep under my favorite blanket, and how many of my human’s socks I chew up if I only had a snow day. When it was still dark outside I licked my human’s face until she finally got up. I pretended I had to go to the bathroom, but really I just wanted to see how much snow was falling. It was a lot! And, guess what?! A few hours later my human’s phone went off and she told me she had a snow day. I knew that was my clue to cancel Minna and the Canine Club’s school today, too.

I had the BEST day (well, besides the time today when I thought my human was downstairs so I started chewing on a sock I hid under the couch, but she actually could see me). Here are my rules to having the most pawsome snow day ever:

  1. Sleep in! I snuggled into my Christmas blanket for a few extra hours. After all, a teacher like me works hard and needed the rest.

2. Go for a snowy walk with your cousin. Sully and I took our humans through the snow. Sully doesn’t like the cold as much as I do, so he was shivering a little bit, but I showed him how to jump in snow piles and catch snowflakes.

3. Be a good detective and watch your neighbors through the window. Now for this rule you have to be sneaky. Notice how I am not pressed against the window. Today I saw two boys with a sled running down the sidewalk.

4. Read a good book! Being a teacher I have to do some reading. I am really into this book The Tale of Cuffy Bear’s Holiday right now. It’s a real page turner.

5. Plan your next Christmas card. Last year’s was a big hit, and I got to wear a big, beautiful bow! This year’s is going to be even better, but I can’t tell you what we are going to do yet!

6. Workout. Now, this rule I don’t really enjoy doing, but because I really like my food, I need to do the workouts.

7. Enjoy the view. Snow days are pretty, so look out the window!

8. Get into the Christmas spirit. My human loves looking at this tree, but I just don’t understand why the tree is inside instead of outside. I’m trying to figure it out.

9. Whenever you hear your human eating, run to them and sit next to them. They will drop some food, and snow day food is the BEST food.

10. End the day with watching Elf. This movie always makes me bark out loud. The snowman tells Buddy not to eat yellow snow. It’s funny because whenever I go outside I suddenly notice yellow snow, too!

If you live where there was a snow storm I hope you had as great of a snow day as I did!


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