Oh how I love when my human takes me for a ride! My tail is wagging
in excitement and my paws are crossed in hopes we end up driving onto the long, dark driveway that leads me to my grandpa and grandma’s house!

Today is is movie night! Movie night is my favorite night because of all
the popcorn I will get to snatch up from my human. I also know my best
friend and cousin, Minna will be there! We like to get in some mischief as we sneak in our grandma’s sun room to wrestle. Once we are found out we are corralled into the family room where the fire is crackling and the Christmas lights are glowing. I give my grandma my best puppy dog eyes so she will get out my favorite blue blanket for me to snuggle under. After what seems like one dog year my family has finally picked a movie to watch.

Once Minna has finally settled into a cozy spot that is the least covered in my grandma’s dog protective blankets and the popcorn is all gone, there is only half of my human’s family still awake for the last few moments of the movie. I peek out from under the blankets and take in the warmth not only from the fire, but from this family that rescued me. And I wait in anticipation for the next movie night.

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