Today on Moments with Minna, Minna suggests making your own instrument from materials found at home! This is a great way to build in some science skills, not to mention musical skills!

Here are some homemade instrument suggestions:

  1. Harmonica: Cut up straws into different sizes and tape together and blow into the straws. Or, fill glasses with different levels of water and hit the rim of the glasses with a utensil.
  2. Drums: Grab cans from around the house and find some sort of drumstick and hit away!
  3. Banjo: You will need a paper plate, some rubber bands, and some sort of stick and there you go!
  4. Tambourine: Get some paper plates, put some rice in the middle, tape it together and you have a simple tambourine!

You can pretty much make any instrument you want if you have enough imagination!

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