by, Thad Abel

It is inspiring and touching when we hear a story of a dog who has rescued a person or another animal.  Dogs from many different varieties have been known to be a hero.  However, there are certain dogs, because of their breed, are better able to be trained as rescuers in specific situations and/or locations. The most common of these rescue dogs are Collie’s, Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds, Newfoundlands and Saint Bernards.  How well do you know these dogs?  Take the matching quiz below to find out!

Hint:  there are 5 answers from each breed

C = Collie                      GR = Golden Retriever      GS = German Shepherd

N = Newfoundland       SB = Saint Bernard

  1. _____Acted as sentries for patrolling soldiers.
  2. _____Aloof and wary towards strangers.
  3. _____Best known to rescue people in snowy places.
  4. _____They are more of a herding type of breed
  5. _____Breed established by English fisherman in the 1700’s
  6. _____They cover the body to keep it warm once the human is found.
  7. _____Eager to please and playful
  8. _____Has a keen sense of danger.
  9. _____Has a double coat of hair
  10. _____Has a rudder-like tail
  11. _____Origin was in Switzerland and Italy
  12. _____Has webbed fee
  13. _____High energy, intelligent, courageous and highly trainable
  14. _____Mainly performs water rescues
  15. _____Make good blind dogs.
  16. _____Many dogs of this breed were used in the 9/11 rescue.
  17. _____Monks living in the Alps in the 1600’s used these rescue dogs.
  18. _____One of the five largest dogs of all breeds.
  19. _____Originally bred to retrieve ducks from the water.
  20. _____1950’s and 60’s tv show starred this breed.
  21. _____This breed has been awarded Dog Hero Of The Year more than any other breed.
  22. _____This heroic breed has been known since the late 1800’s.
  23. _____Used mostly in military and public safety.
  24. _____Very fast runners
  25. _____Very versatile. Have rescued humans in varying types of situations.

Check back tomorrow for the answers!

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