I wrote this poem in honor of my mother on her 80th birthday.  I wanted to share it on Mother’s Day because we should all take today to honor our Mothers.  We wouldn’t be who we are today if it were not for the loving sacrifices and tireless work and love of our mothers.  Thank you God for my mother! 

A Tribute to Vivian Savage, My Mother

By Shelli Abel

Words can’t begin to describe my mom

But I will make, an attempt, to try

She is a very gifted woman

She can do anything, and that’s no lie.

I’ll start by sharing some memories

Of my mom and me through the years

I wouldn’t be what I am today

Without her love, her prayers, her tears.

When I was five and I entered school

My mom became a room mother

She helped at school with parties and stuff

Caring for me, my sister, and brother. 

In third grade mom was my Blue Bird leader

She was the best the girls ever knew

We made awesome crafts and even baked cakes

My mom is smart and creative too!

When my brother was a little lad

And he attended school all day

Mom went back to work full time

More money, we thought, hooray!

Mom’s money along with dads

Was spent with their children in mind

They put 3 children through Huntington

Weekly money in my mailbox I’d find.

It was when I became a mother

That my mom’s sacrifices were clear

She’d worked all day, but still took us swimming

Her exhaustion would not interfere.

My mom has had many roles in life

She’s a wife, grandma, and friend

A sister, a daughter, a worker,

And to all a helping hand she’ll lend.

As I said she’s a woman with many gifts

She’s elegant and as stylish as can be

But she’s always there for her family’s needs

She’s God’s servant, she’s a giver you see.

How could I have been so blessed

To have the mom I do

She is a special gift from God

My mom is the best, it’s true!

Happy Mother’s Day to all Mothers!

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