Minna had a little social distancing party yesterday to celebrate 6 years of being rescued! We may be biased, but we thinks she is just the cutest. Her cousin, Sully, even brought over a special cake to celebrate! Minna had a wonderful time reading and watching all of your special birthday messages. She ate some treats, wrestled with Sully, phone conferenced with her besties and her family, and went on a long birthday walk. We sure love our spunky Minna!

Even though our Happy Birthday sign kept falling and didn’t end up being straight, we still had a good time! Check out the party fun below!

Getting her party started with her signature head tilt.
Her first party hat was a bit too big…
Her best friend came to celebrate! Good things dogs don’t have to social distance, right?!
When you are ready to pose but your cousin isn’t paying attention.
“Sorry, are you talking to me?”
Looking good.
Feeling GOOD!
Laughing at her human’s hilarious jokes.
Look at this delicious cake Sully brought for her, and in her favorite shape!
“Can we eat now?”
Best friends.
“Okay, can I open my presents now?”
Looking really tempting…

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