This Saturday we celebrate our great country, the United States of America.  Backyard barbecues, family gatherings, a day spent on the lake, and of course fireworks.  How many of you used to love fireworks until you became a dog-parent?  It is hard to watch our pet become distressed.  All of these activities are thrilling and fun-filled for all you humans out there, but your canine feels differently.  The Fourth of July can be a very stressful day for your dog.  Here are some friendly reminders as you head out to celebrate this Saturday.

  • Ensure your dog’s name tag is up-to-date with the proper information and it is wearing their collar with it attached.
  • Update your information on your dog’s microchip.  If your dog does not have a microchip, consider talking to your vet, as it improves the likelihood of getting your dog back if they are lost. 
  • Provide a safe haven for your canine.  The busyness of the day can be overwhelming for your pet, but by creating an enclosed area with a familiar toy and/or bedding, they will feel less anxious. 
  • If your dog is tagging along with you on your adventures outside, make sure you bring plenty of water for them (and you of course).  If it is hot outside, be sure to find a shady, cool spot for your dog to relax to prevent overheating or a heatstroke.  It is always best to leave your dog inside when it’s extremely hot and humid. 
  • For you boaters out there, make sure you purchase a lifejacket for your pup.  Loud noises such as fireworks can cause dogs to jump or run off.  A lifejacket will keep them safe if they jump off the boat.
  • Prior to any celebrations, give your dog plenty of exercise.  This will tire them out, making it harder for them to act out when anxious. 
  • If your dog has severe reactions to fireworks, please contact your vet.  They will provide you with reliable information and resources. 

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