Our canine companions have had the ultimate dream come true when quarantine hit.  Pups around the nation were going from being home alone for several hours a day to having constant companionship with several walks a day as their owners learned to work from home.  However, now that the humans are going back to work, what does this mean for our pets? 

Dogs can suffer from separation anxiety, so it is important as owners to be proactive as we shift from working outside of the home.  When dogs become upset, they can take out their negative energy out on things like a shoe left out, using your carpet as their facilities, or on the leather furniture.  Here are some ideas or steps you can take to minimize your dogs anxiety.

  1. Gradually give your dog more alone time.  Before taking away all their one on one time with you (which we all know both humans and the dogs LOVED) it is important to find at least a couple of hours a day where you aren’t with your dog. 
  2. Try taking your dog to a doggy daycare a few times a week.  This provides socialization with other humans and dogs.  It is a good way to acclimate them back to a routine where they do not see you 24/7.  (Shoutout to our favorite doggy daycare in West Michigan, Countryside Kennels!  Sully LOVES to be spoiled by them.)
  3. Dogs are den animals and many find comfort in a small, confined area.  Find a reasonable sized kennel to place your dog in before you head to work.   
  4. Ask a familiar face to your dog such as a family member, friend, or dog walker to let your dog out when you head back to the office.  They will need help to build their stamina back up on being home alone all day with minimal potty breaks. 
  5. Check with your vet if your dog is showing severe signs of anxiety.  There are several medical options your vet may suggest. 

Well, now that our dogs have had their day in the sun, it is time to get back to work!

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