Happy December!

If you are a part of our mailing list then you know all about our fall kid’s writing contest. After reading all of the entries, we have two winners: third graders Zoe and Kailee! Congratulations! Since they won, their writing is published below. We are so proud of their writing and are excited to share what they wrote. If you would like to participate in the upcoming contests, be sure to keep checking the blog and sign up for our newsletter!

We love Zoe’s passion for her dogs and completely agree that dogs are good company when we are bored. Check out her writing below!

Do you like dogs? Well I’m going to tell you about my four dogs named Hobey, Logan,Ringo, and stanley. They are all labs.They are all boys. Hobey was twelve when he died. He died from cancer. He would be sixteen and he was a black lab. Logan was eleven when he died. Logan also had cancer and he was a yellow lab. Ringo is two. He is still alive and he is a chocolate lab. Stanley is one. Stanley is still alive and he is also a black lab like Hobey.


Why I love my dogs is because they keep me company when i’m bored. They like to cuddle with me. When my dogs are outside when I’m coming from my friend’s house my dogs jump up on me and block the door. If someone is bad in the house they bark and tell us with their bark. They like ice cubes, going in the trash, and stealing stuff that there not supposed to have. They like to swim and play in the snow they love to be in the sun and they don’t just like their food they like human food.


Once Logan went into the picture  and got his head stuck in the cereal box and my mom took so many pictures of him! Ringo and Stanley are half brothers because they have the same dad and different moms. Would you rather have a dog or a cat? I would rather have a dog over then a cat. Hope you like dogs now.          


                                                          by, Zoe

Below is Kailee’s writing. We love her creativity and the fact that she wrote about our Minna!

Great job, girls!

Why are dogs important to you?


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