Traditions are the stories families write together.

As I stated in the blog I wrote on October 11, enjoy your life’s journey by relishing the moments.  I’m a person who enjoys simple pleasures and that includes watching Hallmark movies.  But I have my own Hallmark moments as well.  Let’s take this past Friday for example. Our family enjoyed watching the Grandville Santa Claus Parade, which is a family tradition we started a few years ago. Before the parade we ate dinner at The Rainbow Grill, which is located in the heart of Grandville and has been since 1946. It is always fun to participate in community events that celebrate the special times of the year. The mood was festive and the reindeer were a major hit!

Monday night we watched the lighting of the Christmas tree at the Grandville Library.  We listened to elementary children sing Christmas carols, and yes as in any Hallmark moment hot chocolate and cookies were provided. But there’s more, to top it off today I spent some time helping third graders practice their Reader’s Theatre presentation of The Christmas Carol.  Their enthusiasm was energizing.  These were all special moments because I spent time with family and friends celebrating the Christmas season.

It is definitely true that simple pleasures are the best.




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